Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Day...Better Days

I want to start this blog of with first saying THANK YOU to my fellow bloggers for allowing me to vent and for reading my venting. Then my boys for letting me know they had my back and were here for me. Today is such a better day and I am not going to let anything stop me from doing what it is I need to do or trying to bring me down.

All day in the back of my mind I keep singing this song by Dianne Reeves called Better Days. Years ago I stumbled on this song and it instantly brought me to tears because it so reminded me of my grandmother.(the song is about a grandmother and granddaugther) My grandmother was the queen of our family, strong, independent, stern and the most loving person you could imagine. My grandmother was the glue in our family and handle all the issues that arose. My grandmother was never sick a day in her life, I don't remember ever hearing her complain of even a headache. But in early 1989 my grandmother was told she had liver cancer and only had a short time. LOL, I don't think the doctors remembered who they were talking to. I was pregnant at the time with my second child, yes a boy and he was going to have his name my grandfather's name so my grandmother was so excited. Summer came and it didn't look like she was going to make it until he was born. I went into pre-term labor with my son in Oct and was in the hospital. During my hospital stay I was explaining to my doctor the situation with my grandmother and how she is holding on until my child is born. The snowball effect started!!

Dec comes and my labor begins, 4 days of labor and a difficult time, my son was born! He was born at 7:05 am with my grandmother in a room up a few floors from us. I got to hold my son for a short time, they cleaned him up and whisked him away. My grandmother was called, she heard the him cry, she got all the details, got his name and got to see pictures of him that they took. One week later to the day and almost to the time of my son's birth my grandmother went home. It was hard on the family but everyone was relieved she got hear and see my son.

It was a month or two later when I was going through difficult times steming from the birth of my child I heard Better Days. OMG it was like my grandmother was in the room with me and letting me know it was going to get better and be okay. She was right!!!

Now my son is 19 almost 20, a personality just like his father(funny and full of himself) but the strength, determination and courage of my grandmother. My son let's nothing get in his way, he supports and will stand up for his family and when the going gets tough he is there. Funny how one beautiful soul leaves this earth only for another to take their place.

Before my grandmother died she did tell us my husband and I that she would be watching out for us, she'd come back and haunt him if he hurt me and she would let us know she is always with us. Well needless to say myself, my mom and my sons are always finding pennies, especially when times are rough and we are down and out. One time when things were so bad for us I found a penny out front embedded into the cement of my new home and later that day while at my grandmothers tombstone, the wind blew down her flowers and when my Mom bent down to pick them up under her name was a penny. Now my son who she so dearly waited for finds tons of pennies and always the one finding money on the ground. So whenever we find pennies we say "Nana's pennies from heaven" She is still looking out for us.

When you are down and out check out the song Better Days by Dianne Reeves.

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Joshlin said...

Wow! That was a great story. I felt like I was in a good book. You know the kind that you just can't put down. I totaly agree with you. When one great soul leaves us another takes its place. Lucky for you, you get to know them both! I hope you feel better and have a great day!

Rae Ann said...

What a lovely tribute to someone who was clearly an amazing lady. I am glad you are finding your better days!

I'm following from MBC Under 100 Club. I look forward to reading more!