Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's worries

Wednesday's, everyone calls it hump day...for me it is just one more day to go of work and then my 3 day weekend..WOO HOO. But today's Wednesday is a little different for me this week, it was day of worries. Don't ya just hate worrying?? It makes us crazy, stresses us out, makes us sick and worst of all ages us!! YUK! Thankfully though my worries today are not that bad. I am just worried about having to go to my doctor appointment tomorrow at the spine and pain center. Being in pain stinks but when you live with it everyday, it becomes more of a pain in the you know what!! I am excited to go tomorrow to see what they can do for my back, hip and leg, but it still will not help my kidney issues. Oh well I guess I can't be greedy. But if I go to this appointment tomorrow and leave there with no answers or with no hope of treatment I have no clue what I will do. Between the pain I have all the time in my back, hip and leg and my kidneys it is enough to drive someone insane!!! So I am going to keep my chin held up high, have positive thoughts and hope and pray all works out well tomorrow and that they can finally help one of my issues.

Anywho, off of that subject. I must brag now about a chandler.(candle maker) I have been making candles, tarts and bath and body for over 6 years now, although I love it I do have an addiction of constantly burning tarts from other chandlers. Well I have a few favorites and right now I am going to share one with you. Crosscreek Country Candles!! Deanna is the owner and let me tell you her items rock!! She has awesome tarts and even better customer service. I was burning the other day one of her tarts and my goodness my whole downstairs smelled wonderful.(it was banana caramel drizzle) I need to place another order with her shortly and I am unsure of what I want this time, but in no way am I worried about being disappointed or not liking a scent. So if you have a craving to burn some tarts please check Deanna's site

Well I am out of here for now. Tonight is Ghost Hunters and although I have seen them all I still enjoy the show. Give me ghosts, hauntings, paranormal...what ever and I am there!! LOL :0)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I love Friday's!!

Well today is FRIDAY!! and I love FRIDAY'S! I am off which means, I am not off at home. The boys leave me lots of work to do...I do not think any of them know how to pick up a dust rag, broom or sweeper. So I woke up did some cleaning and then ran around. While running around I stopped and picked up True Blood a series on HBO.

I am so in to Twilight...yes even at my age, that I am so impatient for New Moon to come out that I need something to keep me occupied so the time goes by.(I read all four of the books already twice so I truly need something) Well I hear everyone talking about this True Blood series, so yes I picked up season one disc one and sat down and watched it. I was kind of disappointed but I did enjoy it. I was a little taken back by the similarities of Twilight and True Blood. Maybe it was just me but some it seemed like I have heard that before. I won't tell ya all just in case you plan on watching it, but watch it carefully and see if you pick up on what I picked up on. I hope to go see if they have disc 2 and 3 tomorrow but I was told it is a hot item right now and it may take a while.

While being off to day I did get to go through my basement and move out some unwanted candle and soap supplies. Now I just hope I can sell off these four boxes. If I do that means I can go shop online for more tarts!! YEA!!! I would love to try more vendors but haven't found nay yet that catch my eye.

I also found a great freebie today. I love getting freebies in the mail!! I remember a long time ago when freebies were so easily found and actually came to your mail box. Now they are few and far most do not even make it to your mail box. Well I thought I would share this one with whoever may read this blog.

Well I am off for now, I am going to go make some room sprays!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday just another day

Well Thursday has been here and now is just about gone. Yet it was still just another Thursday. A work day for most I am sure. Work today was fine. I really enjoy my job and the staff!! The patients are pretty nice too. I am home now until I go back to work on Monday.

My plans this weekend....hhmmm of course catching up on household chores and laundry. The boys are lazy!! I think they were more helpful and cleaner when they were younger! They seem to be alot more work as they get older. I plan on making a few things. Tarts mostly, I am just about out of stock and need to make some and get an order placed somewhere. I am addicted right now to skittles, passionate kisses and english ivy. I am not to much into florals but now with summer here I do often burn honeysuckle.

Does anyone here do facebook? Well I do...okay I try to...I still do not get facebook and myspace. I know how to log into both do some searching and of course friend requests but that is about as far as I can go. So anyway, I wasn't to sure about facebook, thought I was too old for it(same with myspace) BUT since I have joined facebook I have found old friends...who of course have not aged like me and even family members who I haven't seen in years. I was so excited when one of my cousins sent me a friends request on facebook, once I accepted I was able to track down some more of my cousins. I missed them all but didn't realize it until that facebook request. Now my goal is to get as many of us together and have some kind of reunion.(our family had a huge family reunion when we were younger but we all got older and it seemed less least to me, but I will admit I was wrong) Since my Dad passed away I do not think I have seen some of my family members from my Dad's side. Now that I have facebook, I will not lose contact with them again!! Now I just have to figure out how to get at least some of us together.

Speaking of facebook and myspace. Myspace lead me to one of my dearest friends who moved away 21 years ago. When she left we were both single mom's to one child and now those children are all grown up!! She was brave enough to befriend and email anyone who went to my school or who lived in my area and waahh lahhaa she found me. When I got the phone call from my mom that some one was looking for me, I was shocked, because who's life could I have touched so long ago would want to find me??? Doesn't that sound strange but think about it....really. My friend has done well for herself and moving was the best thing she could have done. Now it makes me wonder about what if that would have been me???? Anyway I hope we do not lose touch again...heck she is about to be a grandmother and the last thing I want to do is miss hearing about this baby as it grows up.( I missed watching her daughter grow up and it depresses me!) Babies are a blessing but so are friendships! I have to thank God everyday for bringing loved ones back in my life.

Okay that is it for tonight, back is starting to really hurt so I better get on that heating pad before I will not be able to sleep.

Have a good night everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Aren't Mondays just the best...NOT! Weekend is over and we go back to work. So how was everyone's work day. Mine, was okay steady but ok.(I am probably one of the few who really likes where they work at, so that helps greatly!)

So who's kids are on sumer vacation already? My kids have been for almost 2 weeks. You can tell they are is sparse and the house is in disarray. Oh the joys of motherhood....go to work and come home and work some more. Anyone have any ideas how we can change this?

I didn't get to make anything over the weekend, but I plan to this upcoming weekend. Since I didn't make anything I had to go into my hidden stash of tarts from online vendors. I can't go a day with out burning a candle or tarts. Tarts are usually burning(electric) all day long. So what I popped in Passionate Kisses and oh my I am in heaven. I do have to make some room sprays soon...can't live without these either in certain areas of the house.(who can guess what those areas may be)

Well off to go search for more online vendors for my addictions. Everyone enjoy their night.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to Tart N Candle Addict

HI everyone! Welcome to Tarts N Candle Addict! Yup, you have guessed it, I am addicted to tarts and candles. I am also addicted to handmade soaps and bath and body items. I do make my own items but I am again also very addicted to buying from other crafters!(best way to go is buy homemade and handmade items and or from work at home moms) Oh and with that being said if you are reading this and are a crafter, please feel free to email me a link to your items!

Besides my addictions, I am also a Mom to a houseful of boys...5 in total...4 left at home. I am an animal lover and I have a houseful of them.(4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds) I once ran an adoption for animals. That was a tough is so important for people to not only have their aimals spay and neutered but also to be able to commit to a life long commitment.(so many people relinquish their animals when they are no longer babies...they become bigger and no longer as cute!)