Friday, January 29, 2010

A great giveaways!!!

Hi blogger friends. How is everyone today? Staying more I hope. It is freezing up in PA today!!!

Well I want to share a great giveaway with all of you. I am fairly new to the giveaway game, trying to learn as I go and hoping maybe one day I will win one and hoping one day I will host another giveaway.

Okay here is the giveaway. I am as you know a tart addict!! I love my scented goodies!! So while on facebook one of my favorite e-shops for tarts posted a giveaway through Handmade Guru.
Now everyone be sure to go visit her on facebook b/c she does have a few giveaways posted.

The giveaway I am excited for is from Crosscreek Country Candles! OMG Deanna has some of the BEST tarts you will ever smell. Here is some of the info on this giveaway, and be sure to check it out:

Crosscreek Country Candles is giving away a breakable clamshell, 3 single wickless candles AND a linen spray in YOUR choice of scents! Yep, you can mix and match! It’s just like placing a small order and you get to customize everything to your liking.

Now giveaway #2. This giveaway looks awesome as well and I am keeping my fingers crossed here for this one too.
Now this blogger is one very talented and creative person!! Her items looks absolutely wonderful!! Please go visit this wonderful blogger and take a peek at her giveaway.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another day another scent, need another

Today is another day and tomorrow will become another day. My eye today is so much better, swelling down a great deal, pain and irritation still there along with the blurred vision but so much better.

I spend the day going through my candle and soap room going through items, realizing I have way too much. I have tarts coming out the body, I have dippies hogging up a whole shelf and candles that fill 2 boxes full. I am also over run with supplies, now realizing how addicted I truly am to scent. Since I am so over run with stock I post my tarts for .40 cents each on my websites, also on local cheapcycle groups. I emailed a friend who is going to trade candles for bath and body items I do not make. Then my sister in law emailed me needing more dippies so WOO HOO I maybe able to move out some stock. I did not realize how bad my addiction was, but taking a break to get our health issues straightened out and returning made me realize how bad it truly is. I shall over come my addiction in the future.(I

I also spent the afternoon searching for templates for my blog and of course came up empty handed and disappointed. I am not at all computer savvy so this is going to be a challenge to try and change my blog template. I really would like one that is primitive or candles & tarts but like I said came up empty handed. Anyone have any site recommendations?(free is best or low cost templates is okay as long as they are user beginner friendly)

This afternoon I also read some other blogs, it took forever seeing my eye sight is so blurry but I did read a bunch of blogs. I did not comment though b/c then that would have taken forever. I am so jealous of most you bloggers out there. So many of you are so talented when it comes to blogging. Everyone's blogs look so neatly put together, written so well and the template were all nice and suited the blogs themselves. Impressive!! I am also very impressed with all the frugal blogs out there along with the coupon and deal blogs. I really need to learn how to coupon and refund!!!

Well the boys are home from school and the two high school boys are acting up so this is cutting my blog short, have to go see what is going on.

Everyone have a wonderful night!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Curious question for my fellow bloggers

Good evening my fellow bloggers. How is everyone? This blog tonight is going to be kind of short, so I will get straight to the point. In my past blogs I might have mentioned my past medical issues, chronic kidney stones, kidney cysts, back pain with inflammation, knee and ankle pain(other joints now also) basically chronic pain. Anyway in late November I started with a rash across my face and my children's hematologist said it looked like the Malar rash, and she asked me if I have Lupus. I did say no, I had no clue what it was and after speaking to her longer I seem to have so many symptoms of Lupus. However I did tell her I had recent blood work done from my sports medicine doctor. She was able to pull it up, saw my RA was negative along with something else. She did ask if I was on any meds when this test was taken and sure enough I was on steroids at the time. Long story short she contacted my family doctor and things seem to be pointing towards all my problems being from some autoimmune problem or Lupus. I am on a waiting list for a rheumatologist, dermatologist, and urologist, so until then it is a waiting game. My family doctor did say I have so man symptoms of Lupus or autoimmune that we need to get to the bottom of it.(fatigue, joint pain, dry eye, kidney issues and all that comes with that, depression,colitis, hair loss and I bruise of the reasons my kids went to the hematologist)

Now to current date: I have been having issues with my eyes for months, dry eye set in and then when I had that malar rash I also had a rash over my right eye. Well my rash went away on my face but not on my eye. Well two days ago I woke up with my eye swollen a little, it was sore and my vision a tad blurry. Yesterday same thing, more swollen and more painful. Today woke up, eye swollen shut, very painful, red, vision awful. I went to the urgent care, was given steroids yet again and a cream. Came home and ended up in the ER hours later due to my left eye now starting with same issue and the pain became to much. Well now I am told it look like Sj√∂gren’s syndrome. Now I am wondering what this is.

So once again I am lost and confused and looking for anyone who maybe going through any of these two things. Anyone who can help me with everything going through my mind, anything really. Thanks for any help in advance.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long time since last blog.

Hello fellow bloggers!! WOW it has been such a long time since I posted on my blog. Life grabbed and hold of me and wouldn't let go. Life has thrown alot of lemons my way in the last few months(murphy's law ya know) but I have been trying to make lemonade out of it, so that's why I haven't posted in forever.

The holidays have come and gone, work is still work but I am determined to get back to what I use to love and that would be making candles, tarts and bath and body, and being online with all my online buddies. I plan to start getting caught up on reading other's blogs, catching up with online friends and finding me all over again. I also intent on figuring out how to change my layout to something better.(however this will take a while seeing I am not to bright when it comes to templates, html and all that jazz)

If you want to share your blog with me please post it in the comment section and I will try my best to get to it.

Well off to clean up my mess from making candles felt so good to be creating again. Have a good night everyone.