Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giveaway!! Should I or shouldn't I?

GIVEAWAY, should I or shouldn't I is today's blog. Now this is silly b/c I have no followers yet...see I said YET, but I also posted something like this on myspace blog. I always see on blogs and myspace people doing giveaways, and they always catch my eye. No I have never entered one or held on but their is something about them that attracts me to them. They also make me want to do one myself. So my question is this...should I or shouldn't I? I must say I would love to do one, but first thing is I have no clue or how and where to post it and how to get people to enter. Ya know the funny thing is I already know what I would give away...tarts or a soap....LOL.

Okay so any of you bloggers out there who happen to stumble on this blog and can walk me through a giveaway that would be great! Also how in the heck do you get traffic to your blog? I will admit I do not write much on here b/c no one follows but my mind goes everyday to here but I just can't always bring myself to write.

Well thank you anyone for stopping by and if you want to check out my blog on myspace for the giveaway here it is www.myspace.com/candlesbydia