Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giveaway!!! Also PIF's!

I guess I am slacking!! I haven't updated my blog in a few days! Sorry!!! I will admit I am kind of in a freeze, I can think of what I want to write but to get it out, just isn't working. Brain fry maybe.

Okay today was suppose to be the last day of my giveaway but due to me leaving soon I was going to extend it a day. Well b/c I haven't been keeping up with my blog and posting the giveaway I will keep it going until Saturday Aug. 8th. SORRY about that but this is my fault and not keep ing up with it. What I would love is to find someone's blog who explains giveaways, how to host, enter, post, find items to giveaway etc. Anyone know any blog like that??

PIF's- pay it forwards!! ( )My girlfriend still has her pay it forwards on her etsy site! She also has another GREAT DEAL!! It is her HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALE item. My girlfriend's birthday is Aug 14th....ssshhh I bet she thinks I wouldn't remember....but it is also a family member's b-day. Anywho she has on her etsy a birthday sale and it looks to be a box off goodies for .20 cents plus S&H. Wow what a great deal and a way to try out great products. If you don't want to buy a box of goodies you can get her PIFs also for .20 cents plus S&H. Trust me, give her items a try, you will not be disappointed at all!!!! And just maybe you will find her items to be awesome like I do. Be sure to check her out

Oh, oh, I forgot to fill everyone in on how my party went Saturday night. Let's start with the consultant...she was to be here by 6 she said, she was coming from NY b/c the local consultant I booked with could not do my party so she handed it to this peson. Well 6 came and went, nothing, 7 came and went nothing. At 7:20 I finally called the original consultant I booked with to find out what was up, and she thought I was playing around with her. When she realized I wasn't she tracked down my consultant. Once she did that she called me back and said she was having car issues and would be here is 10-15 minutes. Now it is almost 8 and no consultant, and one guest left...mind you only 2 showed up at this point, we told the others to hold off since they were all local and close to me. 8:10 arrives and so does my consultant, poor thing got lost b/c her GPS was I think low on battery they said. Okay time to party!! Called the few people we told to hold off, went and got my neighbor and party time. Yeah right by that point people's minds changed and made other plans(MUSKIFEST) so no one really showed up.(We had 7-8 coming not counting us the 2 co-hostess.) Well the party had 4 guests and myself and other co-hostess. It wasn't the party I excepted, nor did it go the way I would have liked it to go. I now regret even booking the part and I feel bad the consultant drove that far, but it just so was nt what I expected!!! Sad thing is 1 guest left, 3 guests changed plans when the consultant didn't show up on time and it just was awful.

BUT, my 2 son's went to the WWE show at a local arena and my youngest son had a blast and my 15 yr did a great job taking and watching his brother during the show. I did luck out, Daddy worked the show so he was so close by they kept going over to see Dad.(Dad is a poilce officer so he was patroling the show) I was so worried about my 15yr taking his brother, would he watched him right, would he yell at every little thing his brother says, will he pick on him ect...but he didn't and he showed he can be more responsible. YES! Sadly he didn't care for the show, but he said it was still somethign to do.

Oh ggeesszzz I guess I better get off of here and get ready to g to the hospital for my 2nd shot!! I so do not want to do this again but they said I must try again. YUK! My back hurt worse then last time and I had a headache for weeks!! :0( Oh why do I have to do this again!!!

I will talk to you all later and everyon have a great hump day!


Xenia said...

You must have gotten over your brain fry! :)

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