Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did you ever have one of those....

Did you ever have just one of those God awful days where nothing seems to go right and as the day goes on it just gets worse. Well did I have a day from you know where yesterday. I woke up in such a good mood, excited to clean my house, update my blog and hopefully make some tarts. Well needless to say cleaning my house happened but nothing else did. I will say this by 1:00pm I wanted to crawl back into bed or under the nearest rock and act like I didn't wake up or I wasn't here. I was so excited to go to bed, thinking tomorrow can only get better, but I couldn't sleep!!!!! Now today I am tired, worried, stressed out and just plain old blah. How do you all cope with a really extremely bad day?

Well today is another day and it is better then yesterday!! THANK GOD! However I just can't find my get up and go. So does anyone know where it went? Or how I can find it again? I want so bad to make tarts, yes I am very low and or need new scents, but I just can't seem to get myself there today to make them. I am burning sun washed linen right now and it smells good and makes my house smell clean but I want a pick me up. Any scent suggestions?

I did have something shocking yesterday though, all of my 4 boys that are still at home, actually all stayed home and slept home last night! I couldn't tell you when the last time was that all 4 were home all at one time to sleep. Since summer started the 2 middle boys(17 and 15) are always in our home town (which is close by) sleeping over at friends house's days at a time. I was kind of shocked that they came home to sleep!!! My boys are always on the go...that is the 3 older ones still at home. Two of them drive so my goodness, no one is ever home. The nice thing about it is, as young boys they all fought as older - young men they all get along!!! Now when I say get along, I mean get along. From the oldest down to the youngest, they play sports together , go work out at the gym, go to wing night together, go out to eat and sometimes the oldest 2 take the younger one to the movies, out to eat, to Camel back beach, swimming and my youngest son loves every minute of it. (a little secret for you boys still come in my room at night and sit with me and watch tv...sometimes they ever lie in the bed...maybe only 15 minutes but hey it is something!!)

This is just a reminder, do not forget about my giveaway and or the PIF's my friend Maryann is doing on her etsy site! Also look out for Tarts Galore to re-open, I think I found web hosting I am happy with!!! One more thing, be sure to check out some of my fellow bloggers who are following me, or who are listed as my favorites(which will be updated soon) I am sure you will enjoy reading them as well!!!!

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Time to go back lunch for the crew I have here now. Happy blogging everyone!


CailinMarie said...

aw - I love that about your boys. Mine are still 8 and 7 years old - lots of cuddles :-)
You were looking for "pick me up" I'ma vitamin B girl but scents... that got me thinking. I sell Arbonne and we have and "awaken" aromatherapy scent - it lists key essentials as: Clover, ginseng and birch extracts but also has lemon - lemon always has a sunny get up and go effect! - musk and rose oil. How is that for scent? Maybe that will inspire you :-)

Clueless_Mama said...

Hey there, I am so sorry you are having a crudy day. It is ok to sometimes just feel down. I hope it turns around for you soon though. I sure hope my little boy still crawls up and watches tv with me when he is older. He has been sick today, so I have gotten all kinds of snuggle time. I am sad he is sick, but love the snuggles. Have a great rest of the day :)

natalee said...

im a follower from under 100 club so.. cute natalee