Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Sunday the day for rest? Not here!

Good morning fellow bloggers, how is everyone's Sunday? I will admit mine is off to a very slow start today. Woke up again with a slight headache, and it is very humid here and my house is screaming to be cleaned and I am just not in the mood today.(sadly I will have to do it sooner or later)

Did you ever have one of those lazy days where you just do not feel like doing a thing???!!! I want one of those days today! It looks like thunderstorms are coming our way, it is hot and humid and a Sunday....Sunday the day of rest I thought.
Well if Sunday's are the day to rest then someone better tell my boys on Saturday they better start picking up after themselves!!!!

Children are such a blessing. I was lucky enough to be blessed with 5 children and yet 5 BOYS! I will say it has been a fun journey watching them grow and mature into men and young men, but boy were they easier where they were younger. I still have 4 boys left at home...19, 17, 15 and 10 and they are great boys just a little lazy.(the other one is 23 almost 24 in 6 weeks!) Maybe I shouldn't say lazy maybe I should say spoiled. My boys pretty much have everything a kid can want, but I swear I think they think I am their maid!!!!!!!!!!

When they were younger my boys all had chores. Now when I say chores I mean like washing the cereal bowls after breakfast, one would sweep the kitchen floor, 1 take recycling out to the can and one dust. Oh and keep up with their room. Now of course I would have to re-do everything that they did, again mind you not of all these chores were done everyday by them but the days it was it helped even though I would re-do them. Well something happened when they grew up. Now their bowls and dishes sit either in their rooms or in the sink, clothes all over their rooms and shoes/socks shirts lay where ever they were taken off at. Shoes, you know the tripping hazard, those too, where they come off is usually where they stay. Can someone tell me where I went wrong? Trying to get them to do anything is like pulling teeth!!

So today my house is in not that bad of shape. Mostly the kitchen needs a really good cleaning and the dishwasher needs to be loaded. OH and of course the garbage bag is over flowing but other then that my boys seemed to have picked up their shoes and socks last night and no shirts were left throw over the stair railing. WOW! I must still be I am awake. So just maybe I will be able to have that lazy day today.

Today I have my burners going as usual. Downstairs living room, kitchen and sunroom all have caramel apple. My bedroom, skinny dipping and my son's room has cherry slush. My other son's room has clean and sexy....and I honestly do not like this one!! My son doesn't like it too much either but since he keeps his burner on pretty much all the time, he has it in there now b/c he is at work. I bought a few of these tarts from another online vendor but I know now which not to buy...clean and sexy!!!!!!!!!

So does anyone else have anything burning?(candle or tarts?)


Jayne @ Misplaced City Girl said...
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Jayne @ Misplaced City Girl said...

@Clueless_Mama from Twitter sent me over. I wanted 5 boys, too! Right now I'm burning a Blue Sea Glass from one company, a Lavender from another company, and a Clean Cotton from another company. I love trying new candles!

Whitney said...

I'm doing Scentsy stuff--Lime Sublime in the living room and Meltaway Melon (which is discontinued) in the bedroom. Kids have one upstairs, but I don't think it has anything in it right now...

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