Thursday, September 17, 2009

HTML, Templates, Webpage Design Dumb!

I previously wrote a blog on the learning process, I thought it was a pretty decent blog for a beginner and when I wrote it I realized I am still and always will be in the learning process. Learning something new everyday is exciting and sometimes lots of fun. And then there are days when we try to learn something and we just do not get it. Now those days are frustrating!! Am I right?

I am so trying to learn HTML, webpage design and templates and I must say I am completely dumb in this area!! I can't seem to figure it out no matter how I try or how long I try. I have finally come to realize maybe I am just not capable of learning this stuff, and admit I am HTML,template and webpage design DUMB!! Okay I admit I am a little slow in this area but I am determined not to give up!!

Not giving up. I am going to not give up on learning all of this. I am going to be brave and ask for help, research the internet(though the pages I came up with only made my confusion worse) and hit the book stores. So one day when just maybe you see a new blog template you will know I have learned something because I did not give up!

I know this is a lame blog but I just spent 1.5 hours on my website trying to add a picture/banner to my site and couldn't figure it out!! Plus the other day I tried to add a new template here it didn't work. And I tried to add an auction template at ebay and forget it!
So I admit my flaws and I will learn it one day...just watch!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Giveaway WINNER!!!!!!

Good morning my fellow bloggers!! How is everyone today? Well time has run out for my Halloween giveaway and that means we are here to announce our winner!!! This is giveaway was fun, I got more entries this time woo hoo. Well, last night before bed my son picked a winner!! Is anyone interested in hearing who won????? The winner of this Halloween giveaway is....drum roll please................................

Momma Such!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I have emailed you and can't wait to hear back from you.

Thank you everyone for entering. I so LOVE fall and HALLOWEEN so watch out I may do yet another giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylor Swift & Beyonce you ROCK & Kanye West Grow Up!!

OMG I am so angry right now I turned to my blog to vent! My whole family is sitting all throughout our house watching the MTV VMA awards and we were all stunned and shocked at what just took place. Taylor Swift bless her heart won for best music video, God was she shocked when they said her name. All she kept saying was WHAT, OMG, OMG. This young lady ran against many established talented stars like Pink and Beyonce and she won. Well during her sweet speech Kayne West the immature jerk he is got up and took the mic and said Beyonce should have won and she has the best video, blah blah blah. Beyonce herself looked mortified, Taylor Swift poor thing looked like she was going to cry and she was frozen in shock and Taylor Lautner's head was moving like he might morph into a wolf. Now I am sorry but this is a grown man, a man we all know who is out spoken but this took it too far. This was not only disrespectful, this was a grown man STEALING a precious moment from a young lady who is what 18 if that. Now who is suppose to know better??? Taylor Swift handled herself well and I hope to God she does not let this man's childish out burst ruin her moment. She won that award fair and square and for kanye West to be such a baby about it is just so sad on his part. (maybe this is the only way he can get attention and his name in the press, being a jerk!! Again how sad is that!! Try being musically creative again, maybe it will work better then doing something like this) Oh and by the way Kanye West, did you ever hear the saying silence is GOLDEN! Well if not, there you have you get it or is it too hard for you!

Taylor Swift CONGRATULATIONS! You so deserve that award and you so did deserve an uninterrupted moment to make your acceptance speech.

I am so glad my children are older now, 10 being the youngest and that they already know wright from wrong. Our children deserve positive well behaved roll models and tonight that is not what we saw on MTV VMA's. My youngest did question whether this was staged or not but I doubt with the expressions on Beyonce's and Taylor's face I don't think so. But then again if it was shame on you MTV(!) young children and teenagers watch this show, what are you teaching them.

Again CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT!! Awesome video and great song!!

UPDATE: Beyonce you are one classy lady with a heart of gold!!! You have always come off to me as just a regular old person, not so much someone famous....your personality and ways about you just are so down to earth. What you did tonight when receiving your award for best video of the year was just amazing! To ask Taylor Swift to come out nad have her moment, because you remember being 17 and receiving your award and wanting her to have her first special moment was precious. You have such a huge and generous heart! Kanye West can learn alot from you and Taylor. That was awesome and priceless. We all thank you for doing that and correcting something you had no control over!! What an amazing lady you are!

SORRY if this blog offends anyone, I didn't mean too I am just so angry right now I needed to vent!


WII, WII, WII!!!!!!!!!! As most of you might have read yesterday was yet another day of rain here for us and I was wondering what I was going to do besides my maid duties(cleaning) and pouring some candles or tarts. Well, I did pour Mac Apple candle and a Warm Vanilla Sugar candle and clean but I also spent hours playing WII with my family. YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have major back issues along with supposedly kidney disease so playing most WII games just isn't possible for me without creating more pain or falling. So when Dad was out running around he found Game Party by WII at a game trade store and he bought. The Game Party has games like darts, skill ball(ski ball) shuffle board, air hockey, hoop shooting, ping cup and trivia. Sounds fun and easy huh?

Well he brought this game here the day before and we played for about an hour, maybe a little longer. It was such much fun, that yesterday we played for hours!!!!!!!!!! We had tournaments and team challenges and just a blast!!!!!!!!!

Skill ball is just like ski ball, but a little harder. The way you have to do the ball is tricky and good luck earning those points an tickets. Darts was a blast I kicked butt 3 times until my 17yr had a lucky game blowing my 247 score out of the lead with his 289 darn lucky game. Hoop HARD and not as easy as it is normally. My throw landed most of my shots right out of the game of play and against the wall. Shuffle board, oh so fun but another one tricky in finding your way to throw the little disc. This one became our most competitive game and the one we played the most next to darts. After losing my first game with my partner I was booted to another partner where we kicked butt. Then I got booted again to yet another partner where we then kicked butt every game!!

We had such a good time playing games for a few hours! We had quality time, sportsmanship and lots of laughs. I want to do this again and again and again!! Now today the sun is out and my family fun time is out the door. I guess I will be playing by myself :0(

Hey did anyone see the video for Oprah's block party with the Blacked Eyed Peas? The one where the girl sets of a dance crazed crowd? If not check it out, it is really cool to watch, and seeing all those people dance is just amazing!

OH, OH a request to play WII before my youngest go's out! Shuffle board here I come. Got to go!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Saturday morning, I am trying to sleep in and I just can't do it. All I hear is bing, bing, ting, ting....rain drops hitting the air condition in the window and rain drops hitting the spouting. Mind you they were LOUD!! I get up I let the dogs out, as I let them up they looked at me as if I were nuts and I should be the one going out there in the rain. My dogs HATE the rain and my tea cup poodle is too much of a princess to go outside in the she thinks. Ya know what too, it never fails, I give all four dogs a nice bath on Thursday and Friday it rains cats and dogs all day and the temp is brisk and cold outside. I love fall but the rain needs to go!!

So what am I going to do today? Another day of rain!! I guess I will do some house work, laundry and then go pour some more fall scents. I received a new scent order in the other day and again I feel in love with some new scents. Mind you these are scents I wouldn't normally pick but decide to try anyway and I was very impressed. One was Autumn Lodge, not bad in the bottle but when I poured it yesterday it smelled so good. So maybe today I will pour some Autumn Toddy and see if that is better in wax as well.(it smells good straight in the bottle) Reece will probably be downstairs pouring as well. He is into making Halloween tarts right now and learning how to take pictures of his stuff. Reece has his own page on my website as well. He likes to do almost everything and he likes to make stuff and loves to make stuff for the holidays.

I guess I better get started on some house work....My maid duties are calling me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

So Slow....thanks to the economy

Oh my this economy is sure effecting everyone and everything!! I have been making candles, tarts and soaps for 6 years now and man is it slow!!!!!!!! Turtle slow, almost no action or nibbles what so ever. WOW. This time of year usually begins the candle and tart frenzy of the year. People start burn candles and tarts around this time, and they seem to love the fall/seasonal and holiday scents!! This year it just seems like no one is doing much of anything.
The downing economy has all of us pinching pennies, saving where ever and how ever we can and for going all of the things we use to love to do.(this just isn't burning candles/tarts, it is also going out not matter what that may consist of, eating out, celebrating events and so on)

What is everyone else doing during these hard times? I have been doing alot of cutting back. Starting with home - we turn off lights, hang clothes out to dry, use our toaster over when ever possible instead of heating up the big over. We shop only for what need, we use coupons and or buy generic. We stopped eating out as much, we no longer rent lots of DVDs we now living a boring As for my very slow business, I have been offering sales and freebies and nothing.( I found webhosting that was cheaper then before. And I only make items now when need be. I list extra items on ebay,(Tart Galore Ebay) or place them on our local freecyle groups to maybe brighten up someone elses life. Oh the crunch of the economy!!

I would love if anyone can share more cost cutting ideas. What are your plans for the holidays with how the economy is? What was one of the things you have cut back on that was hard to do?

The economy is horrible right now, but I am doing a Halloween giveaway right now so please feel free to join and maybe win some free Halloween goodies. Halloween giveaway is a few blogs below.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trying to overcome.

Trying to overcome! Now how many of us have tried to overcome something in our life time? For me, murphy's law, it seems life is a challenge almost weekly. I stopped asking the question, what next because I kind of think I was bringing on my own bad luck. I never ask why me, because I know everything happens for a reason. Though I may not understand that reason now, one day I will. I always tell my children what doesn't keep us down or kill us only makes us stronger and wiser.

My murphy's law seems to have stayed with me for sometime now when it comes to my back. I fell back on Feb 13th 2008 when walking into work and my back injury seems to have decided to stay from that fall. I am trying so hard to overcome my daily pain, my struggle to walk while in pain and also to over come my fear of falling which for a while seemed to be a weekly event. Overcoming this has been difficult, I do not have insurance, but I am a lucky one because my local hospital does offer a free charity program which is helping me. Yes this is embarrassing to have to get charity help but my life and well being is so much more important then what any person may say about me.

My challenge to overcome this daily pain has me receiving pain shots in my back...which haven't helped so far. I receive therapy 3 times a week which is helping a little. Therapy has taught me excerises to help strengthen my lower back and abdomin. It has helped me over come my fear of falling...only fell once since starting therapy. It is slowly giving me some relief in my back as long as I keep up with it and with my medications. Overcoming this has been difficult and a very long road, I have my steps forward and my steps backwards, but I am determined to feel better once again.

If you have something to over come whether it would be your health,pain, life and or addiction, anything, do not give up you can overcome it. Time, patience and determination is what it takes. I will over come all of my set backs and health issues because I will not give up.

Determination - the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose decided;
settled; resolved.

Overcome - to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat to prevail over

Monday, September 7, 2009



I just wanted to stop by and do a quick blog to wish everyone a HAPPY LABOR DAY!! I hope everyone enjoys their picnic and remembers the reasoning/meaning of labor day.

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country."

Picnics are a time for family, friends and fun so have a blast today! Enjoy eating, and the weather...this usually is the last celebration of the summer season as well!!
We are celebrating Labor Day by having a small family cook out, not much but we will make the best of it. Tarts Galore is having a 30% off sale(LABORDAY coupon) I guess I better go finish cooking...the part I hate most about cook and cleaning up. Everyone enjoy your holiday!

Also, please check out my Halloween Giveaway!! Enter while you can!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The learning process....

We are never to old to learn something new, right? Well boy do I agree with that! With all the technology today we have to be able to keep up. I am in the learning process of so many things, blogging, website ownership and twitter. Twitter is something I have no clue about so I am just in the beginning stages of learning that one.

What I have learned about owning a website, it sure is alot of work. I learned how to do some html, uploading pictures, editing and so much more. What I haven't learned yet is how to promote my website, get advertising, and most of all to get orders. All in due time, because I am determined to learn all I can.

Blogging,lol....I stink at blogging but I am hoping to improve. I have learned how to write a blog though I am not that good yet. I have learned how to put a layout/template on my blog(boring but okay not plain) I have learned how to share by blog on some groups. And most of a;; I have read lots of blogs that have taught me so much. They taught me so much in different ways then blogging, they taught me life lessons, how to over come, what not to do and most of all how to be careful and responsible in my actions. What I hope to learn yet is to write a better blog, get more readers, a better layout and how to do giveways...which I am so much enjoying.(have lots to learn here especially)

Twitter....hhhmmm the only thing I know of twitter is it is a way to keep in touch with people and post up dates about what you are doing or have done. Other then that, I am clueless. So twitter is something I seriously need to learn. Hey is there a twitter book for dummies????

Well my learning has not stopped since high school. With everyday that passes I learn something new each day. My saying to my children is you are never too old too learn, and with each thing we learn we become more wiser and understanding.

Don't forget to check out my Halloween giveaway post too!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day weekend! New Giveaway

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! What are everyone's plans for this holiday weekend? Me, nada as usual. Maybe we will cook out Sunday or Monday but as of now....nothing. So, I hope everyone else has a wonderful holiday weekend.

My favorite time of the year is FALL! And my favorite holiday is Halloween!! Yes I am one of the weird ones, I LOVE and I mean LOVE Halloween!!( I also am addicted to the movie series Halloween) I am so excited for Fall to be here and can't wait for HALLOWEEN!
I have been going a little over board lately preparing for fall(and winter) for Tarts Galore, buying new scents some new molds and and loving every minute of it. I recently bought a new mold that makes little jack o lanterns that you can place a battery operated tealight in, it is adorable! The other day when Reece was bored we went downstairs and poured some Halloween tarts in bats, ghosts, pumpkins and witches. Then we also poured this new mold. All our pouring was done in Cranberry Peach Cider and my goodness does it smell yummy! Today we popped our items out of their molds and then Reece painted the face on the jack o lantern(picture above) This was our first time using the mold and now I can't wait to pour some more little jack o lanterns just for myself.

I have decided to do another giveaway!!! Since my favorite time of year is almost upon us, I am going to do a fall/Halloween giveaway. This giveaway will consist of fun stuff for fall and or Halloween!! Oh this is going to be fun for me!! So if you want in, leave me a comment for 1 entry, send me an email and get 2 entries, share this blog and get 3(email me with how you are sharing this blog or place it in the comment) teah me about twitter and get 3 entries.( I am twitter dumb!) I will draw a winner on Sept 15th!!