Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rainy day = Makin day

Rainy days!! It seems like this summer we had more rainy yukky days then hot & humid ones. HHMMM, I do not know which is worse. I'll settle for beautiful 80 degree weather with sunny skies.

What's burning? Today since it was so dark and windy and humid I put in my burners red velvet cake! YUMMY! And son's friend came in and asked what smelled so good and could she have some. LOL I don't think she wants to eat wax. I can't wait for fall, that is when I love to burn all my bakery scent and fall scents.(bakery I burn fall and winter and oh my I am in heaven!!)

Anyway since it rained today my son bugged me to make dipped critters for his little neighborhood friends. Since I had some stuffed animals I did not want, and extra wax I caved. It was suppose to be a joint effort but of course once we started and got one dipped he and his friends took off. So I made a dipped frog, a bunny, a nice size teddy bear and a chicken...yes I said a chicken. Each one was dipped, mind you in different scents and fluffed and now ready to go home. One problem with the going home one is around....all the kids took off, where to I have no clue!!!

Oh and in the mix of doing the dippies, my son told his other friend I would do cardboard air fresheners for her and for his other friend I would do a soap. GGeeeezzzz just offer my services. Well once again I gave in and made 2 card board mini heart air fresheners for his little friend. The soap will have to wait until tomorrow or later.(I had to clean up and clean up dinner)

It was so nice making things like that again. I miss it and can't wait to get back into the full swing of things when I find a new web hosting company!! I still am deciding if I want to change my name, but it is so tough to come up with something new. here is my problem, I like my name I have now, problem is I offer more then tarts. I want to change my name but have no clue as to what and how to come up with just that perfect life time name. Any ideas or suggestions?

Well my pot should be cool enough to put away now, so I guess I will go finish cleaning up and work on my giveaway. Yes my giveaway, I did not forget still just trying to figure out how to do it.

Have a good night!