Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful Day!

WOW today was beautiful here! It was sunny, cool and we had a nice soft breeze blowing today. AAAHHH I loved it! I woke up this morning, it was cool out so I grabbed some fresh tarts and turned on the burners. In the burners went caramel apple and within a short time, oh my downstairs smelled so wonderful and yummy!!! Anyone else have their burners going? I am so ready fro fall now, not only because it is my favorite time of year but because I get to burn lots of yummy smelling tarts. Since fall is right around the corner, and I may have some scent addicts here, I am going to offer for just bloggers a 6 pack of tarts for $3.50!!!! The scents you can pick from are - Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice, Nutty Taffy Apple and Cranberry Ginger. So if you are interested just let me know. This is a great way to stock up now before fall comes.

Well today is Monday and this will be the first full week of school for the boys! I am slowly getting back into the swing of things here at home. The boys are adjusting well. No one is complaining anymore so that is an awesome thing. Now I am suspecting, the homework will start pouring in and attitudes may change but who knows.

I have one who is a senior this year and I am so proud of him right now. He is preparing to take his SAT's once again!! He wasn't happy with his scores last time or the way his SAT's went down(he was late forgot a pencil and yada yada yada) so this time he has a book to study from, he is picking colleges and taking his senior year serious so far. WOO HOO no senioritis this year for this one!!!(2 before seemed to both come down with this aliment,but both in college now so I guess they recovered enough to make it through their senior year)

Now for my youngest. He is in 5th grade and so did not want to go back to school this year!!He whined and complained and moaned for the last couple of weeks of summer. Then a few days before school was to start we finally got the paper work with who is teacher will be. Well that changed everything. All of his friends but a few are in his class. Most of the kids have been friends since first grade and are all very close and now this year they all got put together!! Yes, a few didn't but heck we can't have everything I told him. Now school is fun and the gang is back together!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family movie night, do not waste your time....

Well family movie night turned out to be not what I expected. DANG IT! If you read my blog from yesterday you read where last night was family movie night. Myself, 3 boys, 1 girlfriend, 2 friends and Dad(my other half) all went out to the movies last night to see Halloween 2. Oh I was so excited for this movie to come out, we made these movie plans a few weeks in advanced because we were all so excited. The time went kind of slow yesterday, then it was finally here, time to go. We all head for the theater, get our tickets find our seats and there we wait.(we were early about 20-25 minutes, seeing it was opening night) Finally the lights dim and we are watching the huge screen. Well after what seemed eternity of watching trailers and ads, then movie finally started. After about 15 minutes I knew I was going to be very disappointed. I sat there and hoped the movie would get better. IT DIDN'T!! Eight of us went and all eight of us were very disappointed in the movie. We all expected something so much better, and not so much of what we got. As the movie went on it got predictable and just honestly kind of boring. I so wish I would not have spent all of that money and waited for it to come out on dvd. Hey but who am I maybe others loved it. I am just a huge Halloween fan and I liked the first re-make but this one left all 8 of us very disappointed.

When the movie let out, the theater was jammed packed and I mean jammed packed, a Friday night lots of new releases and lots of teenagers and young adults. Bobbing and weaving our way to the door we seemed to get separated from our party. As a Daddy, myself and my youngest head out the door we hear all this chaos and realize, hey not everyone is here, something is going on inside. Well Dad makes his way back in, me following behind with my youngest, and low and behold a huge circle has formed and there are a few boys fighting!! The one security guard is struggling on the floor with one guy while the other guy is trying to get his hooks in, and the the other guy is on the side ya know egging on the fight and trying to get involved. Well Dad barrels through the crowd, a few ladies cursing at him as he does so, as I tell them he is an off duty police officer. He gets to the edge of the circle and in a few seconds, with the blink of an eye, he does a pick and scoop and he has one guy off to the side holding him back as the security guard gets hold of the other guy. Now, approaches the other security guard standing in front of the other guy trying to keep this fight going.(alot of good he did, he stood there in front of the guy arms crossed just looking at he was skinny and so not intimating looking) While all this is going on some dumbie, probably trying to sound tough, yells as Dad gets in, someone get that big guy, get him. I look over and the ladies that he barreled through look at him and tell him he is a cop!! Next thing ya know, I guess his female friend tells him again he's a cop and they head out the door. Now tell me why I a few idiots have to wreck the evening for so many people?!!! To fight in a large crowd like that was uncalled for and immature! They did not look cool they looked like morons, idiots, butt heads and a-holes. My son's girlfriend and his friend got barreled through from these idiots fighting, neither of them hurt, just shocked. (this is why we all got separated) But tell me what was the point of this? Did they get anything out of it?

So my family movie night out as you can see was a huge waste of money and to top it off my family got put in to somewhat of a dangerous situation. Thankfully no one was hurt, we all got to spend some time together and we learned a lesson...actually a bunch of lessons.(don't waste money, stick together, and fighting isn't worth it, it only makes you look like a fool. Oh and Daddy is pretty cool when he is working)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to school and family movie night!!

The kids went back to school on Wednesday Aug.26th and I am so trying to get back into the flow of not having tons of kids around all day. It is so different not hearing "MOM" or knock knock, heck not having kids run in and out is so weird right now. I am kind of excited though to get back to the way things go when the kids are in school. Hey a clean house for more then an hour, peace and quit to read a book or watch a show and not feeding someone every hour or two. Oh the joys of the kids going back to school.

My kids day back on Wednesday was uneventful in their eyes. My older two who are in high school said it was boring and not much different from last year. My youngest who is in 5th grade, held back the tears at the bus stop but put on his brave face and went to school. After school he walked in the house so excited and told me how his day went. I told him the tears he was holding in were a waste of water, that once he got back to school he would be perfectly fine and excited to see all his new friends. Everyone had a good first day so we are off to a wonderful start. Now let's see how things progress as the school year goes

Since today is Friday and the boys do not have school tomorrow we are going to the movies tonight! WOO HOO family night out at the movies. This for us is a very rare thing just b/c of the cost! Tonight though is special though not only b/c the kids are back to school but b/c my family from Mom down to the youngest are horror movie buffs. We each love horror movies! I am a Halloween fanatic!! Watch it weekly and can never get enough of the series. Tonight is the opening night of Halloween 2 by Rob Zombie and we are all so excited to go see it. We are probably going to have to go movie theater hoping just to get in b/c our movie theaters sell out so quickly when something like this opens up. I have been counting down the hours all day and in 3 hours we will be leaving WOO HOO!!! There will be 6 of us going tonight, 1 of my boys has to work and the other one his girlfriend does not like horror so we will be 2 people short. My oldest is bringing his girlfriend,(this seems a little serious but time will tell) and this will be our first outing with her so I hope she can keep up with my families antics.

Okay 3 hours to go, so I better get off of here and make some dinner before we go. Movie theaters are expensive enough to get in let alone buy food there, so I have to fill these boys up before we leave. I'll fill you all in on how the movie is. I AM SO EXCITED!

OH one more thing. Can someone explain to this dumbie....what and how does Twitter work? I know you post updates on there but I am not sure how it works. Everyone keeps telling me to take Tarts Galore to twitter but I have no clue what so ever. I am still looking for ways to advertise so since this was a suggestion, I would love for someone to fill me in. PLEASE!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sad Sunday for my kids

Today is Sunday August 23, 2009, to day is the official last Sunday of the kids summer vacation. The boys return to school August 26th, 2009 and they are so sad!! LOL. Not really, I think the older ones are ready to go back but the youngest one..well different story. My youngest son is sad b/c most of the neighborhood kids are moving up to middle school and he is left behind. Now mind you there are a 2 boys he plays with that are still in his school that are in our neighborhood but all the others have moved on up. We already have the nerves setting in and I hope all my old classmates are in my new classroom. Boy I can remember those days myself and I am so glad they are over!! But today is a very SAD Sunday in out house.

Once the boys go back to school I am now going to know what to do with myself. I was released back to work PRN, so I can continue therapy so I will have some work days but other then that it is just going to be me and my 4 legged babies. I do know one thing, I am going to try working and promoting my site like crazy. I had my grand re-opening last week and for 10 days I advertised and had a special going on along with FREE gifts and nothing!! I know it all takes time but I have to find some serious ways that are FREE or inexpensive to advertise. Doing ti along is so hard and time consuming and honestly FRUSTRATING!! However I shall not give up! I just added a tart giveaway for the next week, for every 3 tarts you buy you will get 1 FREE.

Since the boys are going back to school and fall and the holiday season is upon us, I have been searching for new scents for this purpose and my golly I think I found a whole bunch! I am so in love with almost all the new scents I just purchased, I have a few new favorites, Nutty Taffy Apple, Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie, and Apple Strudel!! But each and everyone I got I really like! I can not wait to start pouring some of these scents just to make sure they are as good in wax as they are in the bottle! I'll keep you all posted on this one.

What I would love to find out from all of you is this...what is your favorite fall, winter or holiday scent?

Well I am out of here, now I am such a mood to go pour some of my new favorite scents.

If you are bored and want to check out Tarts Galore, and see what we have to offer or our scent list please do. I have a special just for an order and receive 10% off any size order just use blog when checking out.

Here are just a few of our new scents

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie
Apple Cider
Apple Cinnamon Strudel
Apple Strudel
Buttery Vanilla
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Country Roads
Cranberry Pumpkin Pie
Nutty Taffy Apple
M&M Cookie
Pumpkin Loaf
Roasted Chestnuts
Spiced Vanilla
Vanilla and Cinnamon

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Late Night Blogging

This is a late night blogging night for me. I am so wide awake it isn't funny. I am trying to unwind and nothing is working, maybe for the simple fact that nothing is ever on TV anymore.
Boy if TV had a channel just for paranormal, psychics, horror movies, TRUE scary movies(true ghost stories/paranormal) I would be in my glory! But there isn't...just syfy which is no longer interesting to me unless they show something like above. Anywho, once again nothing is on TV tonight.

So, why can't I unwind??? My day was semi I did the normal...woke up, showered, cleaned, did laundry, grocery shopped, washed 2 of my puppies(okay not puppies but always my babies)online, poured a few batches of tarts, and that was about it. HHmmmm so why can't I unwind?

LOL, wanna hear a funny story on why I had go only wash 2 of my dogs? I am not sure if I posted this but I have 4 dogs and they are my babies. I have 2 shih tzu's, a lhasa apso and a tea cup poodle.(she is the baby and thinks she is a real baby) This morning my other half took down the pool, and cut the grass. Now does this sound like something that would lead a dog or two into trouble. Well, yes, you just do not know one of my dogs. Sa'More, my 3rd in line, is a crazy dog, he decided he was going to roll around in the mud soaked, bare grass area of where the pool was. I guess Smokey, 2nd in line, thought it looked like lots of fun so he joined in. Of course I yelled and told them to stop and they listened...SHOCKIING! They stopped right away and went to just roaming and sniffing the yard.

Now, I walked back into the house, out of their site for about 2-3 minutes and when I come back out what do I see!! I see my 2 naughty dogs laying in the flat, drying pool which is gross, green and stinky!! Before I could even yell both decide to roll around in the nastiness and just have a blast!! I think they thought they were being like my boys, children boys, in the pool. Of course after screaming on top of my lungs 3 times, they finally thought "UH OH mom is mad we better get out of here." And yes indeed they did remove themselves from the pool. As they walked towards me I could see the GREEN, BROWN and GUNK on these two dogs who both seemed so unaware of their new look or smell!! And yes, I am a very bad Mommy, all I could do was laugh and yell and laugh some more!! They looked crazy!! So after I composed myself I had Reece come in and get a bucket of warm soapy water so we could give them a make shift bath outside. NO WAY was I allowing either of them to walk one paw into my house looking and smelling like that. Both dogs hated their new way of getting a bath, but punishment sucks, doesn't it. When all said and done I had a good laugh and now I have two dogs that smell like grapefruit shampoo.

So maybe b/c of today's exciting events is why I can't unwind. The sight of my dogs was funny. Oh and the sight of my other half washing the car and then having to chase the get away hose while it sprayed water all over the place, as it is went crazy! He was bobbing and weaving trying to avoid any spray or drop of water. I was laughing so hard that when I hid my sound of my laugh, I heard my neighbors next door laughing as they watched out the window...then I was really cracking up. Hey I could not help it, he is a big guy and he is afraid of a little water. What is he going to shrink or melt? Come on, we ladies would have just went with the flow. But it sure was hilarious!!

Okay so now I realize why I am so wide awake!! Maybe I should think about how slow and uneventful my grand re-opening has been for my site and then I can mellow

I guess I will go turn off all of my tart burners and truly try to settle down for the night. Oh, today I was burning pumpkin carrot strusel and I was in heaven!! Now I am so ready for the fall and for the upcoming holiday season! YUMMY!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Grand Re-Opening

Well today is my grand re-opening of Tarts Galore WOO HOO!! I am so excited to get my site up and running again but yet I have some hesitations. My passion and love is making candles, tarts and bath and body. I just find it so relaxing and my dream is one day to have this as my full time job. I want to post all over the web my grand re-opening but I am not sure where to post it anymore. Yes, I do the yahoo groups, yes I am one momcafe, and maybe I could do Craig's list but I hesitate. I want this to work, I have spent so much time re-vamping things and changing waxes and finding different scent selection and all that fun stuff to please everyone's scents..senses. But I did forget one thing...where an dhow to properly advertise your Internet business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thmost important thing!!!!!!! Now how could I forget that!!!

My grand re-opening will go on as of today and in the mean time while I should be excited and rip roaring ready to pour I will search the web and look for what exactly it is I need to advertise my site properly. Maybe I could find other bloggers who have suggestions on this!! So if you are a blogger and write about this let me know!!

My site is up and ready to go, there are a few minor things I want to change but that is only after my lesson in my site construction and management. (new web hosting I have to learn all their in's and out's) I have tons more stuff to add but thankfully no more scents.(okay I lied maybe a few that are on there way here) I have a Grand sale going on and a few hidden surprises for those who order.(11st customer gets a surprise, anyone who spends $10 or more all gets a FREE gift and customer orders 1,5 and 10 get surprises)

Fall and winter are coming, I have lots of great ideas for the upcoming season!! And I have a few scents I will carry just for this season! Now come on be honest who doesn't love to burn tarts or candles during this time of year!!! My favorite season is FALL and I have lots of great things planned, contests and giveaways for both the site and my blog so watch out! I will also offer great deal on items just on this blog so if you love candles, tarts or any scented item keep your eyes opened here!

Well I am going to go see if I can research advertising so everyone have a wonderful day!
If your bored please feel free to check out and share with me any feed back on my new website.

I think I will also make one wish for today....grand re-opening........

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes is the theme for this blog. How many of you have a birthday today or tomorrow? How many of you know someone who has a birthday today or tomorrow. Well let me tell you this....tomorrow Aug 14th, 2009 is a HUGE birthday for my family. Aug 14th is my cousin's birthday, my niece's birthday, and my girlfriend's birthday.(plus a few other's but I just can't put their names to the day but I know their are a few more birthday people in my family.) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone!!!!

Birthday's are a time for receiving gifts and well wishes and most of all to be with loved ones. How many birthday's come and go and you have no clue what to get a person. You sit there and struggle and hope you can find that one perfect gift. I know I have been down this road many times with birthday's and holidays.

Now, my girlfriend Maryann's birthday is tomorrow and you all might remember me talking about her in my blogs. Anyway, if you haven't read about her, my friend Maryann makes all natural bath and body products and sells her stuff through etsy and my website. Well tomorrow is Maryann's birthday and I was wondering what could I do for her for her birthday. Well this is what I came up with. Now Maryann's stuff on etsy right now she has items up for .20 cents...yes I said .20 cents, they are her pay it forward...meaning buy and item for .20 cents, pay for S&H and get a great product for little pay it forward and do something good for someone else. She also has up HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU packages, these are also .20 cents and $10.95 S&H and you will receive A BOX filled with home made almost all natural items!!!!! Now mind you this package for $11.15 is well worth a lot more then that!! So my gift to Maryann is advertising again her sale and hoping someone stops by and possibly takes advantage of her good/kind gestures.(if you do tell her you were sent form this blog)
So if you want to check out her stuff or just shop a little bit and pass sometime stop on by

Now my other gift to her is sending her birthday wishes!!! So if anyone wants to leave Maryann a birthday message just post a comment on here and I will send her all the comments at the end of the day. Or you can stop by her blog and leave a comment there for too

So I am going to end this blog saying this

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WINNER of my Giveaway! And an apology!

I need to start this blog off with a huge apology!!! I was suppose to post the winner of my giveaway on Saturday but for the last week now I have been down and out due to the shots in my back(they do not agree with me and I get such migraines from them which keep me in bed!) So I am so sorry for not updating my blog on the date stated!!!

Okay so this blog is going to be short and sweet. I had my son pick a winner for my blog giveaway. The winner is Joshlin !!! So Joshlin please contact me so we can get things set up.

Well I will try to post more soon, once I start to feel better and up to par.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giveaway!!! Also PIF's!

I guess I am slacking!! I haven't updated my blog in a few days! Sorry!!! I will admit I am kind of in a freeze, I can think of what I want to write but to get it out, just isn't working. Brain fry maybe.

Okay today was suppose to be the last day of my giveaway but due to me leaving soon I was going to extend it a day. Well b/c I haven't been keeping up with my blog and posting the giveaway I will keep it going until Saturday Aug. 8th. SORRY about that but this is my fault and not keep ing up with it. What I would love is to find someone's blog who explains giveaways, how to host, enter, post, find items to giveaway etc. Anyone know any blog like that??

PIF's- pay it forwards!! ( )My girlfriend still has her pay it forwards on her etsy site! She also has another GREAT DEAL!! It is her HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALE item. My girlfriend's birthday is Aug 14th....ssshhh I bet she thinks I wouldn't remember....but it is also a family member's b-day. Anywho she has on her etsy a birthday sale and it looks to be a box off goodies for .20 cents plus S&H. Wow what a great deal and a way to try out great products. If you don't want to buy a box of goodies you can get her PIFs also for .20 cents plus S&H. Trust me, give her items a try, you will not be disappointed at all!!!! And just maybe you will find her items to be awesome like I do. Be sure to check her out

Oh, oh, I forgot to fill everyone in on how my party went Saturday night. Let's start with the consultant...she was to be here by 6 she said, she was coming from NY b/c the local consultant I booked with could not do my party so she handed it to this peson. Well 6 came and went, nothing, 7 came and went nothing. At 7:20 I finally called the original consultant I booked with to find out what was up, and she thought I was playing around with her. When she realized I wasn't she tracked down my consultant. Once she did that she called me back and said she was having car issues and would be here is 10-15 minutes. Now it is almost 8 and no consultant, and one guest left...mind you only 2 showed up at this point, we told the others to hold off since they were all local and close to me. 8:10 arrives and so does my consultant, poor thing got lost b/c her GPS was I think low on battery they said. Okay time to party!! Called the few people we told to hold off, went and got my neighbor and party time. Yeah right by that point people's minds changed and made other plans(MUSKIFEST) so no one really showed up.(We had 7-8 coming not counting us the 2 co-hostess.) Well the party had 4 guests and myself and other co-hostess. It wasn't the party I excepted, nor did it go the way I would have liked it to go. I now regret even booking the part and I feel bad the consultant drove that far, but it just so was nt what I expected!!! Sad thing is 1 guest left, 3 guests changed plans when the consultant didn't show up on time and it just was awful.

BUT, my 2 son's went to the WWE show at a local arena and my youngest son had a blast and my 15 yr did a great job taking and watching his brother during the show. I did luck out, Daddy worked the show so he was so close by they kept going over to see Dad.(Dad is a poilce officer so he was patroling the show) I was so worried about my 15yr taking his brother, would he watched him right, would he yell at every little thing his brother says, will he pick on him ect...but he didn't and he showed he can be more responsible. YES! Sadly he didn't care for the show, but he said it was still somethign to do.

Oh ggeesszzz I guess I better get off of here and get ready to g to the hospital for my 2nd shot!! I so do not want to do this again but they said I must try again. YUK! My back hurt worse then last time and I had a headache for weeks!! :0( Oh why do I have to do this again!!!

I will talk to you all later and everyon have a great hump day!