Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to school and family movie night!!

The kids went back to school on Wednesday Aug.26th and I am so trying to get back into the flow of not having tons of kids around all day. It is so different not hearing "MOM" or knock knock, heck not having kids run in and out is so weird right now. I am kind of excited though to get back to the way things go when the kids are in school. Hey a clean house for more then an hour, peace and quit to read a book or watch a show and not feeding someone every hour or two. Oh the joys of the kids going back to school.

My kids day back on Wednesday was uneventful in their eyes. My older two who are in high school said it was boring and not much different from last year. My youngest who is in 5th grade, held back the tears at the bus stop but put on his brave face and went to school. After school he walked in the house so excited and told me how his day went. I told him the tears he was holding in were a waste of water, that once he got back to school he would be perfectly fine and excited to see all his new friends. Everyone had a good first day so we are off to a wonderful start. Now let's see how things progress as the school year goes

Since today is Friday and the boys do not have school tomorrow we are going to the movies tonight! WOO HOO family night out at the movies. This for us is a very rare thing just b/c of the cost! Tonight though is special though not only b/c the kids are back to school but b/c my family from Mom down to the youngest are horror movie buffs. We each love horror movies! I am a Halloween fanatic!! Watch it weekly and can never get enough of the series. Tonight is the opening night of Halloween 2 by Rob Zombie and we are all so excited to go see it. We are probably going to have to go movie theater hoping just to get in b/c our movie theaters sell out so quickly when something like this opens up. I have been counting down the hours all day and in 3 hours we will be leaving WOO HOO!!! There will be 6 of us going tonight, 1 of my boys has to work and the other one his girlfriend does not like horror so we will be 2 people short. My oldest is bringing his girlfriend,(this seems a little serious but time will tell) and this will be our first outing with her so I hope she can keep up with my families antics.

Okay 3 hours to go, so I better get off of here and make some dinner before we go. Movie theaters are expensive enough to get in let alone buy food there, so I have to fill these boys up before we leave. I'll fill you all in on how the movie is. I AM SO EXCITED!

OH one more thing. Can someone explain to this dumbie....what and how does Twitter work? I know you post updates on there but I am not sure how it works. Everyone keeps telling me to take Tarts Galore to twitter but I have no clue what so ever. I am still looking for ways to advertise so since this was a suggestion, I would love for someone to fill me in. PLEASE!