Saturday, August 15, 2009

Late Night Blogging

This is a late night blogging night for me. I am so wide awake it isn't funny. I am trying to unwind and nothing is working, maybe for the simple fact that nothing is ever on TV anymore.
Boy if TV had a channel just for paranormal, psychics, horror movies, TRUE scary movies(true ghost stories/paranormal) I would be in my glory! But there isn't...just syfy which is no longer interesting to me unless they show something like above. Anywho, once again nothing is on TV tonight.

So, why can't I unwind??? My day was semi I did the normal...woke up, showered, cleaned, did laundry, grocery shopped, washed 2 of my puppies(okay not puppies but always my babies)online, poured a few batches of tarts, and that was about it. HHmmmm so why can't I unwind?

LOL, wanna hear a funny story on why I had go only wash 2 of my dogs? I am not sure if I posted this but I have 4 dogs and they are my babies. I have 2 shih tzu's, a lhasa apso and a tea cup poodle.(she is the baby and thinks she is a real baby) This morning my other half took down the pool, and cut the grass. Now does this sound like something that would lead a dog or two into trouble. Well, yes, you just do not know one of my dogs. Sa'More, my 3rd in line, is a crazy dog, he decided he was going to roll around in the mud soaked, bare grass area of where the pool was. I guess Smokey, 2nd in line, thought it looked like lots of fun so he joined in. Of course I yelled and told them to stop and they listened...SHOCKIING! They stopped right away and went to just roaming and sniffing the yard.

Now, I walked back into the house, out of their site for about 2-3 minutes and when I come back out what do I see!! I see my 2 naughty dogs laying in the flat, drying pool which is gross, green and stinky!! Before I could even yell both decide to roll around in the nastiness and just have a blast!! I think they thought they were being like my boys, children boys, in the pool. Of course after screaming on top of my lungs 3 times, they finally thought "UH OH mom is mad we better get out of here." And yes indeed they did remove themselves from the pool. As they walked towards me I could see the GREEN, BROWN and GUNK on these two dogs who both seemed so unaware of their new look or smell!! And yes, I am a very bad Mommy, all I could do was laugh and yell and laugh some more!! They looked crazy!! So after I composed myself I had Reece come in and get a bucket of warm soapy water so we could give them a make shift bath outside. NO WAY was I allowing either of them to walk one paw into my house looking and smelling like that. Both dogs hated their new way of getting a bath, but punishment sucks, doesn't it. When all said and done I had a good laugh and now I have two dogs that smell like grapefruit shampoo.

So maybe b/c of today's exciting events is why I can't unwind. The sight of my dogs was funny. Oh and the sight of my other half washing the car and then having to chase the get away hose while it sprayed water all over the place, as it is went crazy! He was bobbing and weaving trying to avoid any spray or drop of water. I was laughing so hard that when I hid my sound of my laugh, I heard my neighbors next door laughing as they watched out the window...then I was really cracking up. Hey I could not help it, he is a big guy and he is afraid of a little water. What is he going to shrink or melt? Come on, we ladies would have just went with the flow. But it sure was hilarious!!

Okay so now I realize why I am so wide awake!! Maybe I should think about how slow and uneventful my grand re-opening has been for my site and then I can mellow

I guess I will go turn off all of my tart burners and truly try to settle down for the night. Oh, today I was burning pumpkin carrot strusel and I was in heaven!! Now I am so ready for the fall and for the upcoming holiday season! YUMMY!