Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family movie night, do not waste your time....

Well family movie night turned out to be not what I expected. DANG IT! If you read my blog from yesterday you read where last night was family movie night. Myself, 3 boys, 1 girlfriend, 2 friends and Dad(my other half) all went out to the movies last night to see Halloween 2. Oh I was so excited for this movie to come out, we made these movie plans a few weeks in advanced because we were all so excited. The time went kind of slow yesterday, then it was finally here, time to go. We all head for the theater, get our tickets find our seats and there we wait.(we were early about 20-25 minutes, seeing it was opening night) Finally the lights dim and we are watching the huge screen. Well after what seemed eternity of watching trailers and ads, then movie finally started. After about 15 minutes I knew I was going to be very disappointed. I sat there and hoped the movie would get better. IT DIDN'T!! Eight of us went and all eight of us were very disappointed in the movie. We all expected something so much better, and not so much of what we got. As the movie went on it got predictable and just honestly kind of boring. I so wish I would not have spent all of that money and waited for it to come out on dvd. Hey but who am I maybe others loved it. I am just a huge Halloween fan and I liked the first re-make but this one left all 8 of us very disappointed.

When the movie let out, the theater was jammed packed and I mean jammed packed, a Friday night lots of new releases and lots of teenagers and young adults. Bobbing and weaving our way to the door we seemed to get separated from our party. As a Daddy, myself and my youngest head out the door we hear all this chaos and realize, hey not everyone is here, something is going on inside. Well Dad makes his way back in, me following behind with my youngest, and low and behold a huge circle has formed and there are a few boys fighting!! The one security guard is struggling on the floor with one guy while the other guy is trying to get his hooks in, and the the other guy is on the side ya know egging on the fight and trying to get involved. Well Dad barrels through the crowd, a few ladies cursing at him as he does so, as I tell them he is an off duty police officer. He gets to the edge of the circle and in a few seconds, with the blink of an eye, he does a pick and scoop and he has one guy off to the side holding him back as the security guard gets hold of the other guy. Now, approaches the other security guard standing in front of the other guy trying to keep this fight going.(alot of good he did, he stood there in front of the guy arms crossed just looking at he was skinny and so not intimating looking) While all this is going on some dumbie, probably trying to sound tough, yells as Dad gets in, someone get that big guy, get him. I look over and the ladies that he barreled through look at him and tell him he is a cop!! Next thing ya know, I guess his female friend tells him again he's a cop and they head out the door. Now tell me why I a few idiots have to wreck the evening for so many people?!!! To fight in a large crowd like that was uncalled for and immature! They did not look cool they looked like morons, idiots, butt heads and a-holes. My son's girlfriend and his friend got barreled through from these idiots fighting, neither of them hurt, just shocked. (this is why we all got separated) But tell me what was the point of this? Did they get anything out of it?

So my family movie night out as you can see was a huge waste of money and to top it off my family got put in to somewhat of a dangerous situation. Thankfully no one was hurt, we all got to spend some time together and we learned a lesson...actually a bunch of lessons.(don't waste money, stick together, and fighting isn't worth it, it only makes you look like a fool. Oh and Daddy is pretty cool when he is working)


StayingYoung said...

What a bad night with good intentions! Hubby and I saw the new Pitt movie which was amazing but not for the kids! Thanks for the comment and I'm following you (from MBC) :)

Lisa Wolfe said...

Wow! It sounds like you had quite a night. Good thing hubby was there to break up that fight and thanks for the warning about the movie....we were thinking about going next weekend...maybe we will wait for dvd....I am following you from Moms Blogger Club!

Have a great night!