Sunday, September 13, 2009


WII, WII, WII!!!!!!!!!! As most of you might have read yesterday was yet another day of rain here for us and I was wondering what I was going to do besides my maid duties(cleaning) and pouring some candles or tarts. Well, I did pour Mac Apple candle and a Warm Vanilla Sugar candle and clean but I also spent hours playing WII with my family. YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have major back issues along with supposedly kidney disease so playing most WII games just isn't possible for me without creating more pain or falling. So when Dad was out running around he found Game Party by WII at a game trade store and he bought. The Game Party has games like darts, skill ball(ski ball) shuffle board, air hockey, hoop shooting, ping cup and trivia. Sounds fun and easy huh?

Well he brought this game here the day before and we played for about an hour, maybe a little longer. It was such much fun, that yesterday we played for hours!!!!!!!!!! We had tournaments and team challenges and just a blast!!!!!!!!!

Skill ball is just like ski ball, but a little harder. The way you have to do the ball is tricky and good luck earning those points an tickets. Darts was a blast I kicked butt 3 times until my 17yr had a lucky game blowing my 247 score out of the lead with his 289 darn lucky game. Hoop HARD and not as easy as it is normally. My throw landed most of my shots right out of the game of play and against the wall. Shuffle board, oh so fun but another one tricky in finding your way to throw the little disc. This one became our most competitive game and the one we played the most next to darts. After losing my first game with my partner I was booted to another partner where we kicked butt. Then I got booted again to yet another partner where we then kicked butt every game!!

We had such a good time playing games for a few hours! We had quality time, sportsmanship and lots of laughs. I want to do this again and again and again!! Now today the sun is out and my family fun time is out the door. I guess I will be playing by myself :0(

Hey did anyone see the video for Oprah's block party with the Blacked Eyed Peas? The one where the girl sets of a dance crazed crowd? If not check it out, it is really cool to watch, and seeing all those people dance is just amazing!

OH, OH a request to play WII before my youngest go's out! Shuffle board here I come. Got to go!


Anonymous said...

the game sounds like lots of fun!!

Yes!I did see Oprah's block party and tweeted about it too.

I can not find your email to send you an invite to be author for TSLP-Circle of Friends.Email me and i will send you the invite.


A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

I love my Wii! If my little one were old enough to play, he probably wouldn't have been so crabby at the prospect of staying in on a yukky day.

Janie B said...

One of my daughters has a WII and loves it. I don't need another addiction right now. Ha!