Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylor Swift & Beyonce you ROCK & Kanye West Grow Up!!

OMG I am so angry right now I turned to my blog to vent! My whole family is sitting all throughout our house watching the MTV VMA awards and we were all stunned and shocked at what just took place. Taylor Swift bless her heart won for best music video, God was she shocked when they said her name. All she kept saying was WHAT, OMG, OMG. This young lady ran against many established talented stars like Pink and Beyonce and she won. Well during her sweet speech Kayne West the immature jerk he is got up and took the mic and said Beyonce should have won and she has the best video, blah blah blah. Beyonce herself looked mortified, Taylor Swift poor thing looked like she was going to cry and she was frozen in shock and Taylor Lautner's head was moving like he might morph into a wolf. Now I am sorry but this is a grown man, a man we all know who is out spoken but this took it too far. This was not only disrespectful, this was a grown man STEALING a precious moment from a young lady who is what 18 if that. Now who is suppose to know better??? Taylor Swift handled herself well and I hope to God she does not let this man's childish out burst ruin her moment. She won that award fair and square and for kanye West to be such a baby about it is just so sad on his part. (maybe this is the only way he can get attention and his name in the press, being a jerk!! Again how sad is that!! Try being musically creative again, maybe it will work better then doing something like this) Oh and by the way Kanye West, did you ever hear the saying silence is GOLDEN! Well if not, there you have you get it or is it too hard for you!

Taylor Swift CONGRATULATIONS! You so deserve that award and you so did deserve an uninterrupted moment to make your acceptance speech.

I am so glad my children are older now, 10 being the youngest and that they already know wright from wrong. Our children deserve positive well behaved roll models and tonight that is not what we saw on MTV VMA's. My youngest did question whether this was staged or not but I doubt with the expressions on Beyonce's and Taylor's face I don't think so. But then again if it was shame on you MTV(!) young children and teenagers watch this show, what are you teaching them.

Again CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT!! Awesome video and great song!!

UPDATE: Beyonce you are one classy lady with a heart of gold!!! You have always come off to me as just a regular old person, not so much someone famous....your personality and ways about you just are so down to earth. What you did tonight when receiving your award for best video of the year was just amazing! To ask Taylor Swift to come out nad have her moment, because you remember being 17 and receiving your award and wanting her to have her first special moment was precious. You have such a huge and generous heart! Kanye West can learn alot from you and Taylor. That was awesome and priceless. We all thank you for doing that and correcting something you had no control over!! What an amazing lady you are!

SORRY if this blog offends anyone, I didn't mean too I am just so angry right now I needed to vent!


Erica said...

My daughters absolutely adore Taylor Swift. They think she is awesome. I heard Kanye's comments on the radio this morning. Simply uncalled for and very unprofessional.

Rocky Mountain Memoirs said...

I saw the clip of this incident on The View this morning and was horrified! What a jerk! My respect and admiration for Beyonce went through the roof...she was amazing!! Both she and Taylor are class acts!

Chic Mommy, Cool Kid said...

Beyonce handled herself with such grace and class! She's a beautiful woman. Cute blog! I'm following you. (from MBC)