Sunday, September 6, 2009

The learning process....

We are never to old to learn something new, right? Well boy do I agree with that! With all the technology today we have to be able to keep up. I am in the learning process of so many things, blogging, website ownership and twitter. Twitter is something I have no clue about so I am just in the beginning stages of learning that one.

What I have learned about owning a website, it sure is alot of work. I learned how to do some html, uploading pictures, editing and so much more. What I haven't learned yet is how to promote my website, get advertising, and most of all to get orders. All in due time, because I am determined to learn all I can.

Blogging,lol....I stink at blogging but I am hoping to improve. I have learned how to write a blog though I am not that good yet. I have learned how to put a layout/template on my blog(boring but okay not plain) I have learned how to share by blog on some groups. And most of a;; I have read lots of blogs that have taught me so much. They taught me so much in different ways then blogging, they taught me life lessons, how to over come, what not to do and most of all how to be careful and responsible in my actions. What I hope to learn yet is to write a better blog, get more readers, a better layout and how to do giveways...which I am so much enjoying.(have lots to learn here especially)

Twitter....hhhmmm the only thing I know of twitter is it is a way to keep in touch with people and post up dates about what you are doing or have done. Other then that, I am clueless. So twitter is something I seriously need to learn. Hey is there a twitter book for dummies????

Well my learning has not stopped since high school. With everyday that passes I learn something new each day. My saying to my children is you are never too old too learn, and with each thing we learn we become more wiser and understanding.

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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hello there!

Following along from MBC! I love your wonderful sight. I'd forgotten how much there was to learn when entering the blogging world :) I'm just now coaching my newly married daughter through the whole thing at

Be back soon!


Elizabeth said...

I think you're doing great. Looks like you've got a fabulous start on followers. I totally get what you're talking about regarding learning...I've read so many articles, looked at so many other blogs, met so many neat people. I've also been doing a little html stuff as well and I'm telling's like a foreign language!

Janie B said...

Thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours, too.!