Friday, September 11, 2009

So Slow....thanks to the economy

Oh my this economy is sure effecting everyone and everything!! I have been making candles, tarts and soaps for 6 years now and man is it slow!!!!!!!! Turtle slow, almost no action or nibbles what so ever. WOW. This time of year usually begins the candle and tart frenzy of the year. People start burn candles and tarts around this time, and they seem to love the fall/seasonal and holiday scents!! This year it just seems like no one is doing much of anything.
The downing economy has all of us pinching pennies, saving where ever and how ever we can and for going all of the things we use to love to do.(this just isn't burning candles/tarts, it is also going out not matter what that may consist of, eating out, celebrating events and so on)

What is everyone else doing during these hard times? I have been doing alot of cutting back. Starting with home - we turn off lights, hang clothes out to dry, use our toaster over when ever possible instead of heating up the big over. We shop only for what need, we use coupons and or buy generic. We stopped eating out as much, we no longer rent lots of DVDs we now living a boring As for my very slow business, I have been offering sales and freebies and nothing.( I found webhosting that was cheaper then before. And I only make items now when need be. I list extra items on ebay,(Tart Galore Ebay) or place them on our local freecyle groups to maybe brighten up someone elses life. Oh the crunch of the economy!!

I would love if anyone can share more cost cutting ideas. What are your plans for the holidays with how the economy is? What was one of the things you have cut back on that was hard to do?

The economy is horrible right now, but I am doing a Halloween giveaway right now so please feel free to join and maybe win some free Halloween goodies. Halloween giveaway is a few blogs below.


One Chic Mommy said...

The state of the economy is really hitting everyone hard now. Earlier this year I had to close my online consignment store. It was costing me more money to have it open than it was bringing in. Not to mention the buyers just weren't there anymore.

We eat out far less than we use to and vacations have been non existent for us. For the holidays we are going to have a small gathering in our home with just family, the five of us, my mother and sisters and niece, and my father and mother in law.

I would like to have more people over but it costs to much to do so.This is really hard for me because I love the holidays and spending them with family and friends celebrating and having a great time.

For my sanity, I hold on to the small hope that this economy will pick up soon!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Everything is so bad right now...the price of our house has dropped so low it's scary. We're self employed and the business is struggling...argh. It's so frustrating. We no longer eat out-how can you when you can pay the mortgage? I haven't given much thought to the holiday season yet...I guess I'm hoping a miracle will happen and everything will turn around before then! Santa's sleigh is going to be a bit lighter this year!

Margaret said...

I'm just looking for ways to generate interest, especially since I just started. I have business cards and catalogs to everyone I can think of. One thing I noticed is people will still take care of thier kids. If you have products for kids I would highlight those. It's a hard economy but hopefully it's turning around soon according to reports!

prashant said...

This is really hard for me because I love the holidays and spending them with family and friends celebrating and having a great time.

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