Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's worries

Wednesday's, everyone calls it hump day...for me it is just one more day to go of work and then my 3 day weekend..WOO HOO. But today's Wednesday is a little different for me this week, it was day of worries. Don't ya just hate worrying?? It makes us crazy, stresses us out, makes us sick and worst of all ages us!! YUK! Thankfully though my worries today are not that bad. I am just worried about having to go to my doctor appointment tomorrow at the spine and pain center. Being in pain stinks but when you live with it everyday, it becomes more of a pain in the you know what!! I am excited to go tomorrow to see what they can do for my back, hip and leg, but it still will not help my kidney issues. Oh well I guess I can't be greedy. But if I go to this appointment tomorrow and leave there with no answers or with no hope of treatment I have no clue what I will do. Between the pain I have all the time in my back, hip and leg and my kidneys it is enough to drive someone insane!!! So I am going to keep my chin held up high, have positive thoughts and hope and pray all works out well tomorrow and that they can finally help one of my issues.

Anywho, off of that subject. I must brag now about a chandler.(candle maker) I have been making candles, tarts and bath and body for over 6 years now, although I love it I do have an addiction of constantly burning tarts from other chandlers. Well I have a few favorites and right now I am going to share one with you. Crosscreek Country Candles!! Deanna is the owner and let me tell you her items rock!! She has awesome tarts and even better customer service. I was burning the other day one of her tarts and my goodness my whole downstairs smelled wonderful.(it was banana caramel drizzle) I need to place another order with her shortly and I am unsure of what I want this time, but in no way am I worried about being disappointed or not liking a scent. So if you have a craving to burn some tarts please check Deanna's site

Well I am out of here for now. Tonight is Ghost Hunters and although I have seen them all I still enjoy the show. Give me ghosts, hauntings, paranormal...what ever and I am there!! LOL :0)