Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday just another day

Well Thursday has been here and now is just about gone. Yet it was still just another Thursday. A work day for most I am sure. Work today was fine. I really enjoy my job and the staff!! The patients are pretty nice too. I am home now until I go back to work on Monday.

My plans this weekend....hhmmm of course catching up on household chores and laundry. The boys are lazy!! I think they were more helpful and cleaner when they were younger! They seem to be alot more work as they get older. I plan on making a few things. Tarts mostly, I am just about out of stock and need to make some and get an order placed somewhere. I am addicted right now to skittles, passionate kisses and english ivy. I am not to much into florals but now with summer here I do often burn honeysuckle.

Does anyone here do facebook? Well I do...okay I try to...I still do not get facebook and myspace. I know how to log into both do some searching and of course friend requests but that is about as far as I can go. So anyway, I wasn't to sure about facebook, thought I was too old for it(same with myspace) BUT since I have joined facebook I have found old friends...who of course have not aged like me and even family members who I haven't seen in years. I was so excited when one of my cousins sent me a friends request on facebook, once I accepted I was able to track down some more of my cousins. I missed them all but didn't realize it until that facebook request. Now my goal is to get as many of us together and have some kind of reunion.(our family had a huge family reunion when we were younger but we all got older and it seemed less least to me, but I will admit I was wrong) Since my Dad passed away I do not think I have seen some of my family members from my Dad's side. Now that I have facebook, I will not lose contact with them again!! Now I just have to figure out how to get at least some of us together.

Speaking of facebook and myspace. Myspace lead me to one of my dearest friends who moved away 21 years ago. When she left we were both single mom's to one child and now those children are all grown up!! She was brave enough to befriend and email anyone who went to my school or who lived in my area and waahh lahhaa she found me. When I got the phone call from my mom that some one was looking for me, I was shocked, because who's life could I have touched so long ago would want to find me??? Doesn't that sound strange but think about it....really. My friend has done well for herself and moving was the best thing she could have done. Now it makes me wonder about what if that would have been me???? Anyway I hope we do not lose touch again...heck she is about to be a grandmother and the last thing I want to do is miss hearing about this baby as it grows up.( I missed watching her daughter grow up and it depresses me!) Babies are a blessing but so are friendships! I have to thank God everyday for bringing loved ones back in my life.

Okay that is it for tonight, back is starting to really hurt so I better get on that heating pad before I will not be able to sleep.

Have a good night everyone!