Friday, June 19, 2009

I love Friday's!!

Well today is FRIDAY!! and I love FRIDAY'S! I am off which means, I am not off at home. The boys leave me lots of work to do...I do not think any of them know how to pick up a dust rag, broom or sweeper. So I woke up did some cleaning and then ran around. While running around I stopped and picked up True Blood a series on HBO.

I am so in to Twilight...yes even at my age, that I am so impatient for New Moon to come out that I need something to keep me occupied so the time goes by.(I read all four of the books already twice so I truly need something) Well I hear everyone talking about this True Blood series, so yes I picked up season one disc one and sat down and watched it. I was kind of disappointed but I did enjoy it. I was a little taken back by the similarities of Twilight and True Blood. Maybe it was just me but some it seemed like I have heard that before. I won't tell ya all just in case you plan on watching it, but watch it carefully and see if you pick up on what I picked up on. I hope to go see if they have disc 2 and 3 tomorrow but I was told it is a hot item right now and it may take a while.

While being off to day I did get to go through my basement and move out some unwanted candle and soap supplies. Now I just hope I can sell off these four boxes. If I do that means I can go shop online for more tarts!! YEA!!! I would love to try more vendors but haven't found nay yet that catch my eye.

I also found a great freebie today. I love getting freebies in the mail!! I remember a long time ago when freebies were so easily found and actually came to your mail box. Now they are few and far most do not even make it to your mail box. Well I thought I would share this one with whoever may read this blog.

Well I am off for now, I am going to go make some room sprays!