Monday, June 15, 2009


Aren't Mondays just the best...NOT! Weekend is over and we go back to work. So how was everyone's work day. Mine, was okay steady but ok.(I am probably one of the few who really likes where they work at, so that helps greatly!)

So who's kids are on sumer vacation already? My kids have been for almost 2 weeks. You can tell they are is sparse and the house is in disarray. Oh the joys of motherhood....go to work and come home and work some more. Anyone have any ideas how we can change this?

I didn't get to make anything over the weekend, but I plan to this upcoming weekend. Since I didn't make anything I had to go into my hidden stash of tarts from online vendors. I can't go a day with out burning a candle or tarts. Tarts are usually burning(electric) all day long. So what I popped in Passionate Kisses and oh my I am in heaven. I do have to make some room sprays soon...can't live without these either in certain areas of the house.(who can guess what those areas may be)

Well off to go search for more online vendors for my addictions. Everyone enjoy their night.