Monday, January 25, 2010

Another day another scent, need another

Today is another day and tomorrow will become another day. My eye today is so much better, swelling down a great deal, pain and irritation still there along with the blurred vision but so much better.

I spend the day going through my candle and soap room going through items, realizing I have way too much. I have tarts coming out the body, I have dippies hogging up a whole shelf and candles that fill 2 boxes full. I am also over run with supplies, now realizing how addicted I truly am to scent. Since I am so over run with stock I post my tarts for .40 cents each on my websites, also on local cheapcycle groups. I emailed a friend who is going to trade candles for bath and body items I do not make. Then my sister in law emailed me needing more dippies so WOO HOO I maybe able to move out some stock. I did not realize how bad my addiction was, but taking a break to get our health issues straightened out and returning made me realize how bad it truly is. I shall over come my addiction in the future.(I

I also spent the afternoon searching for templates for my blog and of course came up empty handed and disappointed. I am not at all computer savvy so this is going to be a challenge to try and change my blog template. I really would like one that is primitive or candles & tarts but like I said came up empty handed. Anyone have any site recommendations?(free is best or low cost templates is okay as long as they are user beginner friendly)

This afternoon I also read some other blogs, it took forever seeing my eye sight is so blurry but I did read a bunch of blogs. I did not comment though b/c then that would have taken forever. I am so jealous of most you bloggers out there. So many of you are so talented when it comes to blogging. Everyone's blogs look so neatly put together, written so well and the template were all nice and suited the blogs themselves. Impressive!! I am also very impressed with all the frugal blogs out there along with the coupon and deal blogs. I really need to learn how to coupon and refund!!!

Well the boys are home from school and the two high school boys are acting up so this is cutting my blog short, have to go see what is going on.

Everyone have a wonderful night!


Joshlin said...

I am soooo happy to see you back! I was really worried. I do hope everything works out and you find what will work best to get you healthy.

Sorry I can't help with the template problem. I don't have any template myself. I just go with the flow I guess. I don't know how to change it if I find a free one anyway. I really can't pay someone to do it! I hope you find someone who can help.

Coryanne Ettiene said...

I am at a loss on how to help, I am only just learning the ropes, wish I could offer some support. Just popping over from MBC, thanks for following me, I returned the favour. Coryanne